Choosing the right sneakers

Nowadays, sneakers are available in many different designs and colours. However, the huge choice makes it more difficult to find a pair that you can wear with a suit. To find comfortable business sneakers, you should consider which version matches the clothes in your wardrobe. Generally speaking, you should preferably choose timeless sneakers in white, grey or black. These understated versions make it easier for you to wear and combine them as suitable footwear.

Vice versa, this means that you should preferably not opt for garish or striking colours and patterns. Of course, your preferred comfortable men’s business sneakers for wearing with a suit should be exquisitely crafted. Casual shoes made from suede or smooth leather that look smart thanks to flatter soles are suitable for formal occasions

Another basic rule is: the more senior your position, the more sophisticated your choice of shoes should be. From a colour perspective, the classic colours grey, black or dark navy are the perfect choice. Every man should definitely have a pair of casual yet nevertheless smart shoes in his shoe cabinet.

If you work in the creative industries and want to make a fashion statement, you can wear modern metallic look designs. These extravagant shoes add a certain cool touch to your suit that is popular in the arts sector.

What you should pay attention to when choosing your suit

Modern formal shoes look best with a suit in a matching colour and style. Casual shoes are the right choice if you decide to opt for a modern suit design. Tailor-made, close-fitting clothes made of textured fabrics are a good choice.

A few words regarding the trousers: they should be long, but not too long. Ideally, smart suit trousers should finish at your ankles. They should be just long enough to stay straight and should not “bulge” along your shoes.

A casual, slim fit sports jacket is a good choice instead of a jacket. Ideally, it should have a tailored cut and thereby accentuate the generally casual look. In terms of the colours, you should rely on muted shades such as grey, dark navy or black when choosing a suit. Exceptions prove the rule; you can therefore wear your suit and sneakers as follows:

  • With a modern trench coat or a sophisticated cotton sports jacket, you emphasise the casual character of the sneakers. The colour white is associated with freshness and lightness.
  • Off-white and white sneakers are a confident choice with a suit all year round. Beige or grey sports jackets and suit trousers add an elegant touch to your outfit.
  • Linen suits also go well with white sneakers. They should be cut loosely to emphasise your casual look. Alternatively, you could opt for a short-sleeved linen shirt in combination with white sneakers.
  • The iconic retro look is simply made for nice suit and sneakers combinations. Ideally, you should wear your 1970s suit with a T-shirt and understated sneakers.

Colour coordinate your sneakers with your suit

Colour and design decide which elegant sneakers you should wear with your suit. Let yourself be guided by the colour families in order to maintain a professional business look. For example, casual shoes in midnight blue,brown or black match a dark navy suit. If you want to create a nice contrast, white sneakers should be your preferred choice, although this depends on the particular occasion. For a light-coloured suit, you should choose a plain, equally light colour in a shade that matches your outfit.

How to wear sneakers with chinos

Timeless chinos have become acceptable office wear as a comfortable alternative to suit trousers. Of course, you can wear your favourite sneakers with fabric trousers. White shoes are a stylish basic go-to. They create a nice visual contrast to colourful chinos. On top, a slim fit shirt in a classic shade is the perfect choice to complete your individual suit and sneakers outfit.

Upgrade your outfit with suitable accessories

Which shoes you should preferably wear with a blue suit also depends on the time of the year, for example. On warm days, it’s perfectly alright to wear sneakers with a suit for a summer look. Your socks should never be visible if you are wearing a pair of understated sneakers.

To create a stylish overall impression, suitable accessories perfect the summery look. Small leather accessories – such as a belt or a wristwatch – are the ideal choice. A casual briefcase also highlights your professionalism.

When are sneakers with a suit a no-go?

For some formal or private functions, you’d be better advised to choose other footwear, rather than sneakers. That is the case, for example, when certain dress codes are stipulated, such as “business attire”. This style is favoured particularly by managers and other people in senior positions. At a private wedding, it’s advisable to wear classic lace-ups, rather than casual sports footwear. If you really want to wear sneakers with your suit, then they should be clean and in good condition. Dirty or even chunky shoes that look like platforms are a no-go.

When it comes to the question of whether sneakers can be worn with a suit, the industry you work in also plays a decisive role. Whilst you can turn up in many offices in a relaxed casual business outfit from time to time, this is not always welcome in the banking sector. In other professions that involve lots of customer contact, classic lace-ups often tend to be the better choice.